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Keeping you in Play - Injury Prevention

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Wiping the snow from our faces, we can finally look toward spring. Bend, Oregon's nice weather will allow us to be more active, and we know from last months email, we need more activity to stay healthy.  To remain active, we need to avoid injury. Injury happens when the loads placed on the tissue exceeds the tissue’s capacity to handle them. We need to improve our body's ability to handle loads and here are some ways to accomplish that goal. 

1. The Marriage of Stability and Mobility- These two, even with the love that they started with, they can break-up. When that happens, we are increasing the likelihood of injury.

Mobility = How we move our joints, not flexibility (muscle lengthening). Stability= How we control that movement.

2. Variety or Cross-Training- If we consistently do similar type movements that can lead to overuse.  That can lead to injury.

3. Strength Training has been shown with multiple research articles as one of the best ways to prevent injury. You don't have to lift a bunch of weight to strength train. Body-weight exercises are a great option. Bodies adapt to stress and gaining stability with strength training will help keep you safe from injury.

4. Proper Warm-up- What will you be asking of your body? Are you going on a run? Are you going to do some jiu-jitsu? Are you going to lift weights? It is important to know the demands because what you are asking of your body, will change how you should warm-up.

5. Previous Injury- The biggest predictor for future injury is past injury, and we need to keep this in mind. So, show that old injury more love in terms of mobility, stability, strength training, and proper warm-up. 

More movement is what is essential, and more motion is one of the most natural things we can do. We are not fragile and we can always feel good at any age, it begins with moving. Movement is medicine!

I will hit more specific things we can do to help in future blogs. There are many aspects to injury and preventing it, if you need specific help or are having pain in Central Oregon, schedule with me at 541-610-5621.  


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