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You can have the power!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is a therapy device we have in the office. The PEMF machine uses pulsed electromagnetic fields that penetrate the skin into the tissues to promote healing and relieve pain.  Often when we get stress to our bodies be it injury, a pathology, or life, our cells have a drop in their electric charge.  Our cells make energy in the mitochondria, and if we are not producing enough, it makes it hard to heal ourselves.  So the PEMF machine essentially recharges and improves how your body functions!

Treatments take between 10-30 minutes, and it is considered a passive therapy, so we place a mat with coils that conduct the electromagnetic field into the body.  Quick one or two time sessions can help with reducing pain in a strained muscle. With multiple sessions, it can have an accumulative effect improving several different chronic conditions. 

A few benefits:   Rate of soft tissue injury healing Improved immune function Improved Sleep Helps with Depression Improves physical energy Helps with improve the rate of bone healing and density Better circulation

If you any of these benefits sound good to can come in just for PEMF treatments if you would like.  You don't need a new patient exam to experience the benefits, fill out some paperwork, and we can start recharging your cells!


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